5 reasons to watch 13 Reasons Why on Netflix

13 REASONS WHY- Photo Credit: Beth Dubber/Netflix
13 REASONS WHY- Photo Credit: Beth Dubber/Netflix /
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5. The trailer is already bringing us to tears and making us hold our breath!

Let the trailer do the real talking.

There is no way you can watch the trailer and not want to throw on your pajamas and settle in for the show. From the beautiful shots to the emotional scenes, this trailer leaves us wanting more.

We see a blossoming romance between Clay and Hannah, but it quickly changes. Hannah, obviously disheveled, takes up the main frame. Clay, with a band-aid on the forehead, finds the cassette tapes with pure fear in his eyes.

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Quickly, we get an introduction to our other characters, which count out to be nine total characters (including Clay). They all played a role in Hannah’s death, but how?

13 Reasons Why hits Netflix on March 31, 2017.