5 reasons to watch 13 Reasons Why on Netflix

13 REASONS WHY- Photo Credit: Beth Dubber/Netflix
13 REASONS WHY- Photo Credit: Beth Dubber/Netflix /
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13 Reasons Why
Credit: 13 Reasons Why – Beth Dubber – Netflix /

3. 13 Reasons Why gives us stars we know and love, and also mixes in new stars for us to obsess over.

Recognize anyone from the photo? Beloved Kate Walsh plays the mother of Hannah Baker in the show. We loved her in Grey’s Anatomy as Dr. Addison Montgomery and in the spin-off Private Practice. We obsessed over her in Fargo as Gina Hess and in Bad Judge as Rebecca Wright, so now we get to adore her all over again as Mrs. Baker.

Also, the male star, Dylan Minnette, was a favorite in Scandal as Jerry Grant Jr.

Newcomer Katherine Langford snagged the role as Hannah Baker despite her past in film and television. She has only starred in 2016 features but never made it big on screen. Katherine is an Australian actress who is new to acting.

W Magazine quoted her in saying, “I want to be a part of things that make a difference.” 13 Reasons Why might be that show!