30 facts you may not know about Stranger Things

Credit: Stranger Things - Curtis Baker/Netflix
Credit: Stranger Things - Curtis Baker/Netflix /
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The Setting 'Stranger Things' Still. Image Provided by Netflix
The Setting ‘Stranger Things’ Still. Image Provided by Netflix /

8. The show was originally going to be called and set in Montauk

Before the show was called Stranger Things, it was called a lot of other … strange … things. (Sorry.) The Duffer Brothers spent a lot of time developing the story, and originally had plans to base the mystery in New York. Originally, they planned for the show to be set on Long Island. And to make the story slightly grimmer. It wasn’t until they went to Atlanta that they realized Montauk wasn’t going to happen. Especially since New York’s pretty frigid.

Matt Duffer told The Hollywood Reporter:

"It was more practical than anything. We liked Montauk, because we liked the coastal setting, and Montauk was the basis for Amity, and Jaws is probably our favorite movie, so I thought that that would be really cool. Then it was really going to be impossible to shoot in or around Long Island in the wintertime. It was just going to be miserable and expensive. We’re actually from North Carolina, so when we wound up in Atlanta and I started scouting Atlanta we got excited about it, because it looked actually much more like our own childhoods. It reminded me of my own childhood. I don’t know what it’s like to live on a coast, so it was actually once we settled into it and got used to the idea and we came up with this town name, Hawkins. It takes a long time to make a change like that, for your brain to accept it, to accept a new title and to accept a new name for a town."

But still, why Montauk?

Well, there are quite a few theories floating around. But we know that Stranger Things revolves around government experimentation quite a bit. Similarly, the Montauk Projects are a series of government experiments that reportedly took place at Camp Hero’s air force station during the ’80s.