30 facts you may not know about Stranger Things

Credit: Stranger Things - Curtis Baker/Netflix
Credit: Stranger Things - Curtis Baker/Netflix /
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'Wayward Pines' Still. Image Provided by Fox.
‘Wayward Pines’ Still. Image Provided by Fox. /

2. The Duffer Brothers started on TV with Wayward Pines

Before the Duffer Brothers pitched their strange idea to Netflix, they worked as writers in the television landscape. Well, they made a horror movie first. (No surprise. A lot of directors start in the horror genre because those movies are so cheap to make.) But they primarily worked as writers for M. Night Shyamalan on his FX show Wayward Pines.

Like Stranger Things, Wayward Pines uses a lot of science fiction elements. However, it obviously hasn’t enjoyed the same amount of success. Why’s that? Well, Matt and Ross didn’t have creative control over the show. Plus, it seems like they wanted to save a lot of their ideas for Stranger Things, which they pitched more than 15 times before Netflix bought it. Of course, they also entertained the idea of making another movie but felt like Stranger Things needed several episodes.

And so did Netflix. More importantly, Netflix — one of the most robust and deep-pocketed streaming services around — bought Stranger Things within 24 hours. It’s basically all about timing. One day you’re working under M Night Shyamalan, the next moment you’re creating exactly what you want and developing a hit show with a bunch of children.