30 facts you may not know about Stranger Things

Credit: Stranger Things - Curtis Baker/Netflix
Credit: Stranger Things - Curtis Baker/Netflix /
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The Monster in 'Stranger Things' Still. Image Provided by Netflix.
The Monster in ‘Stranger Things’ Still. Image Provided by Netflix. /

18. Mark Steger portrays the monster

One of the biggest characters of the series is the monster. Despite acting as the driving force of the show, we’re not talking about the Demogorgon as much as we should be. At least, not the guy bringing it to life. With a combination of CGI as well, Mark Steger met with the Duffer Brothers to understand what they wanted from their iconic monster.

As Steger explained:

"“We discussed how it was going to be executed, how they wanted to do most of it practically with some visual effects enhancements. So we started the process with Mike Elizalde’s company, Spectral Motion, which did the creature effects and built the whole shoot. We started the development process with them that lasted for a couple of months. We basically would add bits and pieces of the character, and that was the genesis of the whole thing.”"

And he really wasn’t just walking around in a suit. He put a lot of thought into it and really tried to understand the monster.

"“There were these basic things of the biometrics — I felt like I was from a heavier gravity. I imagine that perhaps the character is less of an animal or a plant, but more like a mushroom. The DNA is closer to an animal than it is to plants, but it is something different, like some kind of a fungus or a mushroom. Slime molds are really fascinating organisms because they’re these small microscopic individuals, but they come together and create a whole unit, a whole other form. So I was imagining, maybe I’m like, a colony. I’m actually a colony of something. I mean, all our bodies are colonized. We have one-and-a-half to two pounds of alien, non-human cells in our bodies that we’re actually living in symbiosis with.”"