Marvel’s Iron Fist opening weekend: More popular than Daredevil, Jessica Jones

Marvel’s Iron Fist was almost as popular as Marvel’s Luke Cage over its opening weekend, according to a Parrot Analytics report published by Inverse.

Marvel’s Iron Fist had a bigger opening weekend than Daredevil and Jessica Jones, according to an Inverse report on date provided by Parrot Analytics. The series was almost as popular as Marvel’s Luke Cage, which had the biggest and most successful opening weekend for a Marvel show on Netflix, according to the report.

These are not the official numbers for viewership. We will likely never see those; Netflix does not release that date to the public. So, the Parrot Analytics data will have to do. According to Inverse, Parrot tracks viewership and also measures positive engagement of social media.

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Based on the hate thrown Iron Fist’s way over the last two weeks, it’s pretty crazy the show was nearly as popular as Luke Cage, far and away the most popular Marvel-Netflix series.

I’m a little surprised Iron Fist almost hit the Luke Cage level, but it proves Netflix subscribers are really enjoying these Marvel-Netflix shows. That’s great news for those who want to see more Marvel-Netflix shows in the future, because I highly doubt they will be stopping any time soon. It’s a great partnership so far.

According to Parrot Analytics and Inverse, Luke Cage was the rated in the top 20 of the most popular shows of 2016. That likely means Iron Fist will be right in that area, as well, by the year’s end.

Again, these are not the official numbers from Netflix, so maybe take them with a little more than a couple grains of salt. Think about this way, these measurements, assuming they are equal across all of TV, at the very least give us an idea of where Iron Fist falls in the landscape of consumption. People are watching Iron Fist, and they are discussing it positively, which is a great sign for Netflix and Marvel.

Critics crushed the series for a variety of reasons after watching the first six episodes, and some have continued to crush it after finishing the season. But, based on the reactions from our readers and these numbers, it is clear that Iron Fist has been a success for Marvel and Netflix so far. People seem to like the series, despite some flaws with the series, and that’s a good thing moving forward.

We liked Marvel’s Iron Fist better than most, and the series ranks in the 50 Best TV Shows on Netflix! Make sure you watch Iron Fist before Danny joins up with Jessica Jones, Daredevil, and Luke Cage in The Defenders which is scheduled to be released later this year!