25 famous actors you didn’t know appeared on Friends

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24. Winona Ryder

Melissa Warburton – “The One with Rachel’s Big Kiss” – S7E20

Rachel Green had lived a pretty sheltered life compared to that of her five friends. In one episode, she said that the weirdest place she’d ever had sex was at the foot of the bed. So when she tells a story about making out with one of her sorority sisters in college, nobody believes her.

The sorority sister, Melissa Warburton, was played by Winona Ryder. Melissa happens to be in the city and she stops into Central Perk where she runs into Rachel. After the two exchange pleasantries and phone numbers, Rachel shares her salacious tale. When Joey and Phoebe challenge the veracity of Rachel’s story, Rachel invites Phoebe to join her and Melissa at dinner in the hopes that Melissa will confirm Rachel’s memories of their coconut bras clicking at a frat party.

Unfortunately for Rachel, Melissa denies that it ever happened. Determined to prove that she’s not as vanilla as her friends think she is, Rachel plants one on Melissa as the trio are leaving dinner. Melissa finally confesses that not only does she remember the kiss, but she actually thinks about it quite often. She declares her love for Rachel, claiming that she can tell by the way she kissed her that the feelings are mutual. Rachel swears she’s just a good kisser and that there’s no reciprocation of her feelings whatsoever. Phoebe, wondering what the fuss is about, kisses Rachel too but then declares that she’s had better.

Ryder was, of course, very well-known for her career in movies by the time she played Melissa Warburton, Party Planner Extraordinaire. She had appeared in movies like Heathers, Edward Scissorhands, and Beetlejuice in which she co-starred with another Friends guest, Alec Baldwin.

You can catch Winona Ryder in her new role on the Netflix original series Stranger Things.