25 famous actors you didn’t know appeared on Friends

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15. Christina Applegate

Amy Green – “The One with Rachel’s Other Sister” – S9E8 (first of two appearances)

Before Matt LeBlanc was Joey Tribbiani, he was Vinnie Verducci. Vinnie Verducci, as some die-hard tv fans might recall, was Kelly Bundy’s boyfriend on Married with Children. And who played Kelly Bundy? Christina Applegate. Applegate and LeBlanc got the chance to work together again when she was cast to play Amy Green, one of Rachel Green’s two sisters. In her first appearance, Amy shows up on Thanksgiving Day after her boyfriend’s wife returns home unexpectedly, putting an end to Amy’s holiday plans.

She manages to get under everyone’s skin, particularly Ross who Amy can’t even be bothered to remember even the Gellers and Greens grew up together. She does, however, remember Rachel’s “fat friend’s brother with the bad afro.” Somehow, she gets it into her head that her niece Emma is named Emily after first mistaking her for her nephew named Emmett.

In spite of the fact that Amy can’t get Emma’s name or gender correct, she’s excited over the idea that she could end up raising Emma if Rachel and Ross died. After the Green sisters argue over Amy’s cluelessness, Rachel attempts to make it up to Amy by letting her use her Ralph Lauren discount instead.

Christina Applegate won a Primetime Emmy Award for her role as Amy Green. She returned for another episode in the tenth and final season, playing Amy in “The One Where Rachel’s Sister Babysits” (S10E5).