Stranger Things season 2 plot details revealed

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Credit: Stranger Things - Netflix /

Stranger Things season 2 plot details have been revealed and it sounds like the second season may be even better than the first.

It’s been a big week for Stranger Things as the release date and the first teaser was revealed during a Super Bowl commercial and the kids are gracing the cover of Entertainment Weekly. And now we know a little bit more about the Stranger Things season 2 plot thanks to the interviews inside EW magazine.

We know season 2 is taking place one year after the events of the first season but there is so much more we learned in the interviews inside EW.

First, remember when Will coughed up that slug when he was rescued from The Upside Down and had a quick vision that seemingly brought him back there? According to Matt Duffer, Will could be experiencing some post-traumatic stress disorder but he doesn’t say whether the visions are real or not. That’s a tease!

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Meanwhile, Will’s mother, Joyce, played by Winona Ryder is trying to provide a stable home environment for him. She’s seeing a former high school classmate named Bob, played by Sean Astin. Bob helps Joyce mask the pain and anguish from the first season and she hopes he’ll be able to provide a nice father figure for Will and Jonathan.

Chief Hopper is struggling to keep things covered up as part of his “plea deal” last season to save Will, but how long will he be able to keep the death of Barb and disappearance of Eleven under wraps before losing his mind?

Speaking of Barb and Eleven, we learn Nancy and Mike are the ones hurting just as much as anyone because they’re mourning the loss of those two. The viewer knows Millie Bobby Brown is in season 2, but we don’t yet know exactly how she’ll be returning. We do know Barb will not be back, she’s dead.

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We know a little more about new characters Billy, played by Dacre Montgomery and Max, played by Sadie Sink. Billy is a bit of a loner who doesn’t play nice with others and could be one of our human villains in season 2. Meanwhile, Max catches the eye of Dustin and Lucas who have a crush on our new character.

Paul Reiser also joins the cast and we learn he’s now running Hawkins Lab after what happened to Matthew Modine’s character when he met the monster at the end of season 1. As for what type of monster we’ll see in season 2, the Duffers said in EW, they are exploring “different kinds of horror.” so that doesn’t make us any more excited or anything!

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We did get a sneak peek at the monster, or at least, a monster vision in the Super Bowl teaser and it was truly horrifying.

Stranger Things season 2 will be released on Halloween.