Stranger Things Season 2: 11 Takeaways from the Super Bowl teaser trailer

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Stranger Things- Photo Credit: Curtis Baker/Netflix
Stranger Things- Photo Credit: Curtis Baker/Netflix /

Barb is not back, at least not in the teaser trailer

For all those hoping to see Barb back in Stranger Things, you are going to have to wait longer! Barb was not shown in the trailer for the new season that aired during the Super Bowl, nor did we expect her too, although a picture of her or something like that would have stirred up the drama.

Everybody seems to think Barb is dead, including those involved in the series. That doesn’t mean she won’t be in the new season of the series, though, right? There are plenty of ways the creators could feature a Barb appearance including flashbacks, dreams, and more.

Also, who is to say that death in the Upside Down is really like death in the normal world of the show? I don’t think Barb is going to be major character in the second season, and I don’t think anybody else does either. But, I’m hopeful the Duffer Brothers can work her back into the series at some point.