Stranger Things Season 2: 11 Takeaways from the Super Bowl teaser trailer

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Stranger Things
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There is a big monster on the way!

The new monster we saw in the teaser trailer makes the demogorgon looks like a chihuahua.It looks like a spider that’s 50 feet tall and can easily crush the whole town of Hawkins in a couple of steps.

Over the course of the first season, we learned why the demogorgon was there and how it escaped to attack Will, Barb, and others. I’m assuming we will learn why this new monster is coming to Hawkins, but as far as I know, it was not teased in the first season at all. I could be wrong, though.

There are tons of theories about what this monster is, but for anti-spoiler purposes, we don’t want to get into too many of them. All we know is that the monster is huge, and someone is having visions of the monster or has seen it before because they drew it. And, it looks like the monster can easily destroy the city.

Where is Eleven when we need her?