Stranger Things Season 2: 11 Takeaways from the Super Bowl teaser trailer

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Stranger Things: Photo Credit: Netflix
Stranger Things: Photo Credit: Netflix /

This is no Eggo Waffles Commercial

If you were watching the Super Bowl and saw the beginning of an old Eggo Waffles commercial, you might have tuned out! We saw a ton of tweets and comments online from people who actually thought the new Stranger Things teaser trailer was an Eggo commercial!

The teaser trailer starts with a couple of kids reaching for an Eggo as it pops out of the toaster. They each grab it at the same time and the famous line, “L’Eggo my Eggo!” Then, the commercial cuts out and we dive into the Stranger Things teaser trailer.

There’s no doubt Stranger Things has been the best advertisement for Eggo waffles since they came up with the slogan “L’Eggo my Eggo!” The Eggo twitter account also got in on the action last night with some great tweets.