Stranger Things Season 2: 11 Takeaways from the Super Bowl teaser trailer

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Will doesn’t look like he’s doing so well in the Right-Side Up

Will could not go through a traumatic experience like he did in the first season and come back to the real world as a normal kid. Even if he wasn’t throwing up Upside Down slugs at the end of the season, there would still be so many hurdles to get over, like the nightmares and adjusting back to reality. He might have seen a lot of stuff in the Upside Down that we might not even know about yet.

From the trailer, it looks like things could be even worse for Will than we might have thought. Will is strapped to a chair with electrodes monitoring his brain activity while a doctor and Joyce sit close. We also see this through a wall of TV monitors, not in the room itself.

Again, we don’t know what this means, but Will’s recovery could be the main storyline of the season. His disappearance brought the whole series together in the first season.