Stranger Things cast has priceless reaction to watching season 2 teaser

Credit: Stranger Things - Netflix
Credit: Stranger Things - Netflix /

Watch the cast of Stranger Things react with glee to the season 2 teaser that aired during the Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl was a bit of a dud for the first 3.5 quarters so the excitement came in waiting for the Stranger Things season 2 teaser to air. We knew there would be a teaser that aired during the game at some point, and we hoped it would accompany a release date as well. Midway through the third quarter, fans finally got the teaser they had waited for all game and it was well worth the wait.

When the commercial started and it featured an old school Eggo waffles commercial, we knew it was time for Stranger Things to happen. If you were like me, you freaked out in the most pleasant way and watched it while trying to take in as much as possible in the limited time. The screen was moving fast, trying to show us as much as possible, without showing anything of substance.

However, after rewinding it many times and speculating about all that could happen based on the teaser, I got pretty excited and started dancing around my basement where I was watching the Super Bowl. In fact, it resembled the reaction to some of the cast of Stranger Things.

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Noah Schnapp, you plays Will on the show, shared an Instagram video celebrating the release of the teaser with some of his castmates. It was a moment of pure unbridled enthusiasm and it reminded us that they’re little kids experiencing being a part of a pop cultural phenomenon.

You can watch the video below, courtesy of Noah’s Instagram account.

Talk about a pretty awesome moment for these kids and I’m happy to know they were just as excited as their legions of fans across the globe. This isn’t just huge in America, it’s huge across the world thanks to Netflix Global.

If you missed it during the Super Bowl hoopla, you can watch the Super Bowl ad below.

Stranger Things season 2 comes to Netflix on Halloween.