A Series of Unfortunate Events: ‘The Wide Window: Part Two’ recap

Our recap of ‘The Wide Window: Part Two,’ the sixth episode of A Series of Unfortunate Events starring Neil Patrick Harris and Alfre Woodard.

“The Wide Window: Part Two,” the sixth episode of A Series of Unfortunate Events, gave the audience hope and then pushed all that hope into a lake filled with man-eating leeches.

You saw it coming, didn’t you? With all this talk about man-eating leeches, you knew Aunt Josephine was going to get thrown the leeches at some point. They couldn’t let her die as easy as being thrown out of a window a 300 feet into a lake. A Series of Unfortunate Events had to make it that much more painful!

The episode delivered a ton of new information about the Baudelaires, more specifically Mother and Father Baudelaire, who save their children by putting them into more harm’s way when they fly over Lake Lachrymose as the sailboat is being ravaged by leeches.

So, at the end of the fifth episode, Aunt Josephine has “died” by falling out of a window and left a note which gave Captain Sham, Count Olaf in disguise, guardianship over the Baudelaire orphans and their tremendous fortune. Josephine’s note, however, was full of grammatical errors. Klaus discovers a pattern and finds that Josephine is hiding in a cave.

This came after the orphans used peppermint to trigger an allergic reaction and get out of a brunch at the Anxious Clown Restaurant with Sham and Mr. Poe. The waiter at the Anxious Clown is Larry, the same guy who Olaf and the theatre troupe, kidnapped in the fifth episode. He, then, helps the Baudelaires escape and gets an important call about the location of the Baudelaire parents.

With a wide network of allies, perhaps, the Baudelaires stand a chance in the real world, which they are now very much in. At the end of the episode, after Olaf rescues the Baudelaires from the leeches, kills Josephine, and then has his secret identity revealed, the Baudelaires sneak off in a truck to the Lucky Smells Lumber Mill, the same mill that was in a photograph of Mother and Father Baudelaire and their secret organization!

It’s not all bad in this episode! In fact, other than Josephine’s gruesome death by leech attack, the Baudelaires now have a fighting chance without Mr. Poe around to mess things up for him. Unfortunately, it looks like Count Olaf’s minions might have noticed the name on the truck that the Baudelaires used to escape. We know they won’t be too far behind.

This is the fourth episode in a row that has followed a similar pattern of the Baudelaires going to stay with a relative before Count Olaf shows up. Hopefully, the entire series won’t follow that pattern. The mystery seems to just be starting to get good, so I think that will likely shape the course of the series from here on out.