When will Marco Polo Season 3 be on Netflix?

When is the Marco Polo Season 3 release date on Netflix? We look into the subject and make a prediction!

Netflix has not renewed Marco Polo for a third season yet, so it makes it a bit hard to predict when exactly the next season of the series will be on Netflix.

After a lackluster first season of the series, Marco Polo started to make strides in its second season. The focus narrowed to main, central storylines between characters we knew and twisted and turned from there. That recipe made for compelling television at the end of the second season. It would be a shame for Netflix to cancel the series after that strong finish to the season.

Assuming Netflix does renew Marco Polo for a third season, we are cautioning Marco Polo fans that it might be a while before we see Marco Polo Season 3 on the streaming service.

For starters, it took a full year and a half after the first season of the series before Marco Polo Season 2 premiered on Netflix this summer. Because of the high production value, we anticipate it would be another long gap between the second and third season. It might not be 18 months, but it will definitely be more than a year from its premiere on July 1 before we see Marco Polo Season 3 on Netflix.

The earliest Marco Polo Season 3 would premiere on Netflix would likely be in the fall or early winter 2017, assuming Netflix does, in fact, renew the series. That’s our prediction right now, and there’s no news or rumors to prove us wrong at this point.

Of course, we will be sure to let you know when hear more about the future of Marco Polo. My gut is telling me that Netflix won’t give up on this series, especially with their push into the Asian market recently. A show of this caliber has the potential to attract a lot of eyes, but I hope it’s not too late for Marco Polo. 

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