Orange is the New Black season 5: 6 Burning questions

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Will someone pay for Poussey’s Murder?

Hopefully! But, as we have seen in OITNB throughout the first four seasons, there’s nothing that suggests justice will come from this situation.

After the ish that Humps pulled at the end of the season with the fight and the gun, all of the reports of inmate abuse, and the murder of Poussey, it seems like this will be the final straw that should get Piscatella and his men fired or thrown in jail.

It all depends on what Jenji Kohan and the writers of OITNB are trying to say. Usually, the bad guys get what’s coming to them. That’s what the audience hopes for, and that’s why we keep watching, right? We want to see our favorite characters win in the end.

Remember, though, this is prison, and MCC has shown no regard for the lives of the inmates so far. What will make MCC make a change if this doesn’t?

I’m just hoping Caputo does not have to take the fall for Piscatella’s actions. If that happens, one of the only good guys at Litchfield will be gone and Piscatella will likely stick around.

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