Orange is the New Black season 5: 6 Burning questions

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What does Warden Caputo do now?

Warden Caputo is a good guy, but he’s stuck in a lose-lose situation and has been ever since MCC took over at Litchfield. We have to admire Caputo somewhat. He could have easily quit and moved on with his life. Instead, he chose to try to do right. Unfortunately, his actions have not been enough.

Caputo’s attempt to take care of CO Bayley after Bayley killed Poussey might have cost him his job. Caputo defied direct orders from MCC and tried to put the onus Captain Piscatella for his terrible choice to disturb a peaceful protest.

Obviously, Caputo didn’t just come out and say that it was Piscatella’s fault, but he’s trying get Bayley off the hook and start pointing the finger at the one who gave the orders to forcefully disturb a peaceful protest.

Depending on what happens with Daya, Humps, and the rest of the prisoners in the hallway, Caputo’s fate could already be sealed.

If he remains in charge at Litchfield, though, he has to pick one side in this situation, no more playing both sides. Hopefully, he sides with the inmates and not the corporation and guards.

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