Orange is the New Black season 5: 6 Burning questions

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Does Daya kill CO Humps?

At the end of the third season, CO Humps finds himself cornered when the entire prison begins to riot after Warden Caputo decides to call Poussey’s death an accident and doesn’t want to pin the murder on CO Bayley.

Earlier in the episode, Humps brings a gun into the prison to defend himself. When he’s cornered, he pulls out the gun, but loses it as he’s pushed over. The gun falls right to Daya’s feet and she points it at his head.

Everyone left that scene with so many mixed emotions, right? On one hand, I want Daya to kill that sick, twisted guy and get him out of Litchfield for good. On the other hand, it’s Daya!

Do we really want her to turn into a killer, add like 10-20 years to her sentence, and never have a chance at motherhood? So much of her arch was dedicated toward having a baby, becoming a mom, and trying to figure everything out. Is this what we want her to become?

Like everything else in Orange is the New Black, that gun did not fall to Daya by chance. This was calculated to make us feel and pull us in several different directions. It was the perfect cliffhanger leading into the fifth season of the series.

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