Orange is the New Black Season 4: 7 Characters to Watch

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Credit: Orange is the New Black - Netflix
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3. Maria Ruiz

Maria Ruiz has been in almost every episode of Orange is the New Black, even more than some of the more integral and important characters in the series so far.

Normally, Maria would not be on our radar heading into a new season, especially after she didn’t play a major role in the third season. After seeing the trailer for the fourth season, I’m eager to find out what’s up with Maria!

In the trailer, Maria is shown a few times, but she has one line in the trailer that I’m especially excited to see within the context of the season.

In the clip, Maria walks across the the prison yard, up to Piper, and yells “I am going to bury you!” right in Piper’s face.

We don’t know why Maria behaves like that, but I can’t wait to find out! She’s definitely a character to watch, and it might have something to do with…

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