Orange is the New Black Season 4: 7 Characters to Watch

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4. Sophia Burset

Over the first two seasons, Sophia didn’t play a major role in the series. Sure, we saw her backstory and why she was sent to prison. We also saw her interact with multiple characters in the prison while they were in her salon and getting their hair done.

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In the third season, Sophia becomes a major focal point of the series. Over the course of the season, Sophie’s various altercations with Gloria reach a point where Sophia becomes the victim of rumors, harassment, and attacks. Her salon is also boycotted.

After one of the violent attacks, Sophia is sent to SHU to protect her from the attacks. It’s not Caputo’s call to send her to SHU; it comes from above him. Obviously, that will cause a ton of problems because Sophia is already the victim in this scenario and then she has to take the consequences of solitary confinement because of someone’s actions.

In the trailer for the fourth season, Sophia appears to be a broken woman. She no longer has her hair and makeup perfect, like we’d seen through the first three seasons, and she looks depressed, like anyone would be given the circumstances. Hopefully, Sophia will be able to find her happiness again the fourth season, but too much damage might already be done.

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