Orange is the New Black Season 4: 7 Characters to Watch

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7. Joe Caputo

At the end of the third season, it seemed Joe Caputo began taking Fig’s advice and looking out for Numero Uno, instead of the inmates and COs.

Regardless of what Caputo’s new focus is, he is the one left to deal with the overpopulated prison with untrained corrections officers and tensions rising in the prison.

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You’ll recall at the end of the third season there was a problem with Sophia getting harassed and then attacked by members of the prison after her argument with Gloria. Sophia was taken to SHU for “her own protection.” Someone is going to answer for that, and it’s probably going to be Caputo.

We’ll see how Caputo handles the stresses of these situations created by the new management of Litchfield.  Caputo is definitely one of the main characters to watch in the upcoming season, especially based on the small glimpse of Caputo’s story in the third season that we got in the trailer for the fourth season.

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