Earth Day: Best Documentaries on Netflix

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Image: BBC America
Image: BBC America /

Planet Earth

Release Year: 2006 

Narrated by David Attenborough 

It doesn’t get better than Planet Earth when it comes to nature documentaries. Planet Earth was produced by the BBC and, at the time, it was the most expensive series ever ordered by the BBC.

Planet Earth consists of 11 episodes. Each episode focuses on a different biome, basically, and all the species that inhabit that biome. Here are the 11 episodes and their titles:

  1. “From Pole to Pole”
  2. “Mountains”
  3. “Fresh Water”
  4. “Caves”
  5. “Deserts”
  6. “Ice Worlds”
  7. “Great Plains”
  8. “Jungles”
  9. “Shallow Seas”
  10. “Seasonal Forests”
  11. “Ocean Deep”

Like Life, my favorite Planet Earth episode has to be “Ocean Deep” because it’s absolutely bonkers to me that all those different creatures live in the ocean. I can’t handle how scary and cool it is at the same time. That’s the episode I’ll probably watch on Earth Day!

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