Earth Day: Best Documentaries on Netflix

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Blackfish /


Release Year: 2013 

Directed by Gabriela Cowperthwaite

Blackfish focuses on Tilikum, an Orca whale that was captured off the Coast of the Pacific Northwest and spent its life in captivity. Over the course of its life, Tilikum was responsible for the deaths of three people. The documentary alleges those deaths are due to mistreatment and abuse of Tilikum and the fact that Orca whales are meant to live in the wild, not in captivity for our entertainment.

The film also addresses the larger issues of captivity and keeping whales, specifically Orcas, in captivity by SeaWorld and other organizations. Blackfish uses experts who study whales and former SeaWorld trainers who experienced the mistreatment of the whales firsthand.

The proof presented in this documentary is overwhelming in favor of freeing the whales, although SeaWorld vehemently denied the claims. Recently, SeaWorld announced they would stop their Orca shows and stop keeping Orca whales in captivity.

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