50 Best Horror Movies on Netflix: Hush enters ranking

A current ranking of the 50 best horror movies on Netflix, including Hush which makes its debut on the list.

One of the best new horror movies is now on Netflix and it’s now ranked on our list of the best horror movies on the streaming service with the addition of Hush. Director Mike Flanagan and actress Kate Siegel team up after working together on Oculus, which also ranks on our list of the best horror movies on Netflix.

Siegel plays Maddie, a young and talented writer who also happens to be deaf and mute after contracting viral meningitis at 13 and complications from surgery left her without speech.

She lives an isolated life in a secluded home in the woods. She communicates via text messages on her phone and computer while also signing on facetime and in face-to-face conversations with her friendly neighbor who is trying to learn sign language.

Even the king of horror, Stephen King himself gives Hush his personal endorsement, so you know this is good stuff.

Her home is a beautiful one in the middle of a wooded area and plenty of open space. She gets to work on her novel where she is stuck picking which of the seven endings she’ll use for the book. Her writing is interrupted, however, when a psychotic stalker with an awfully creepy mask appears outside her door.

Credit: Hush - Netflix

Credit: Hush – Netflix

The movie is told from Maddie’s perspective so that means there is a lot of silence, which is actually pretty brilliant move by Flanagan because the absence of sound heightens the fear and suspense the viewer experiences during the 81 minutes of the movie.

Maddie’s inner-monologue as she tries to come to terms with her ordeal and how she can get out of this alive was one of the coolest aspects of the movie too. She’s struggling which ending to pick in her novel but because she’s deaf she can see all the outcomes playing out like different movies in her head. She does the same when faced with the masked man.

This is a spoiler-free preview, but I will say the climax of the movie will have you thinking about it for days just like it has for me. Let me know your thoughts on Hush and that ending in the comments section below.