When will New Girl Season 5 be on Netflix?

We predict the New Girl Season 5 release date on Netflix! 

Update: New Girl Season 5 is coming to Netflix in September! 

Normally, we would have already made our prediction for when New Girl Season 5 would be on Netflix. Because New Girl Season 4 was on a unique schedule this season, we held off on our prediction until we learned about the future of the show.

Well, we just found out Fox renewed New Girl for a sixth season, which helps us predict the release date for New Girl Season 5.

If you recall, Fox delayed New Girl Season 5 for a mid-season release to let star of the series Zooey Deschanel rest and recuperate after having a baby. Instead of premiering on Fox in September like usual, New Girl Season 5 premiered in January. This pushed the Netflix release of New Girl Season 4 back to January, as well.

Assuming everything goes according to plan with New Girl Season 6, we are expecting New Girl Season 5 to be released on Netflix in September 2016.

The sixth season of New Girl should premiere on Fox in the second-to-last or last week of the September, and the old season will be released on Netflix a week or two before the season premiere. That’s how we came to our conclusion.

New Girl is one of the best comedies on TV right now, although the ratings don’t necessarily reflect that. It’s still one of the most popular comedies on Netflix, though. If I had to guess, I would say people are watching New Girl on Netflix more on Netflix than they are tuning in weekly. That’s just a hunch I have based on the popularity of the series with our readers.

New Girl also ranks in the 50 Best TV Shows on Netflix and the 50 Best TV Comedies on Netflix. If you are looking for new comedy series to watch on Netflix, New Girl is a great place to start, especially with Fox committing to another 20-plus episodes of the show.