Netflix’s Beasts of No Nation, Idris Elba snubbed for 2016 Oscars nominations

Netflix original film Beasts of No Nation and Idris Elba was not nominated for an Oscar for the 2016 Academy Awards. 

I had a hunch this would happen, and it finally did…

When the 2016 Oscar nominees were announced on Thursday morning, Netflix original film Beasts of No Nation was not nominated for any Academy Awards. Unfortunately, that includes writer and director Cary Fukunaga and star Idris Elba.

While it doesn’t come as a surprise that Beasts of No Nation was left out of the awards, I still think the Academy made a mistake, a huge one.

We knew going into the nominations that there was virtually no way that Beasts of No Nation was going to be nominated for Best Picture, and it was almost impossible that Fukunaga would get a best director nod.

The cinematography, which was also captured by Fukunaga because the camera operator was very ill throughout production, was as beautiful as any other film we’ve seen this year. I thought there was a good chance the film could rack up a few nominations in a few other technical categories. Alas, I was wrong there, too.

The snub that is the most puzzling, though, for the whole Oscar field is obviously Idris Elba for Best Supporting Actor.

To me, Idris Elba was a lock for a Best Supporting Actor nomination, and I’m definitely not alone in thinking that. His performance was one of the best we’ve seen all year. There’s really no debating that fact. He put on a perfect performance.

In the changing Hollywood landscape, there is resentment from the Academy to award Netflix with any nominations. It seems like the Academy respects the old, theater-style release of film. That’s the only logical conclusion to be made by Elba, and Beasts of No Nation, was snubbed by the Academy.

Netflix’s 2015 venture into movies and expansion in documentary was a total loss. Netflix original documentaries What Happened, Miss Simone and Winter on Fire: Ukraine’s Fight for Freedom were nominated for the Oscar for Best Documentary Feature.

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