Netflix TV Show of the Week: F is for Family

The Netflix TV show pick of the week is the Netflix Original series F is for Family from co-creators Bill Burr and Michael Price.

F is for Family premiered on Netflix on Dec. 18 with a six-episode first season documenting what it was like for comedian/actor Bill Burr growing up in the early 1970s in a lower middle class family.

Burr voices Frank Murphy, the patriarch of the Murphy clan, who is always yelling, swearing and threatening to throw his kids through a wall. He’s kind of like the animated version of Archie Bunker, but way less racist.

Fans of Burr’s stand-up comedy will know all about Burr’s penchant for raising the volume when he goes off on rants and we get that as he embodies his father in F is for Family. Frank works in middle management at the local airport and thinks his job is more important than it really is, but it’s what puts food on the table for his kids and a roof over their heads.

His wife Sue is voiced by Laura Dern and the two get into their fair share of heated arguments, but what makes this show more than “just a comedy” is the dark humor and heartfelt emotions that go with the resolution from their conflicts and the conflicts Frank has with his three children, notably his two oldest boys, voiced by Justin Long and former American Idol finalist, Haley Reinhart.

Long plays the eldest of the Murphy siblings, Kevin, who is in danger of flunking out of school, smoking pot and hanging with the bad crowd. He disrespects his father and undermines him at every turn. But Billy is the 11-year-old going through adolescence while a bully picks on him at every opportunity and is trying to toughen up.

Debi Derryberry, Sam Rockwell, Kevin Farley, Gary Cole, David Koechner and Mo Collins also lend their voices in the series.

Rockwell as the sex addict/coke snorting/radio DJ/next door neighbor to the Murphy’s and Koechner as Frank’s morbidly obese boss are absolute riots and scene-stealers.

F is for Family joined our list of the 50 best comedy TV shows after a spectacular debut season and we have our fingers crossed there will be a second season coming in 2016.


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