Chef’s Table: Your New Netflix Binge Obsession

Finding the time to savor Chef’s Table shouldn’t mean blocking off an entire weekend like with Marvel’s Daredevil or Bloodline.

The first Netflix Original documentary series is just six hour-long episodes, and you can watch it over a couple of evenings.

But the vibrancy and inventiveness of dishes on display mean you’ll probably want to keep going, to discover more about these wild creations and the chefs behind them.

Chef’s Table is from the filmmaker behind the outstanding Jiro Dreams of Sushi, an exploration of perhaps the world’s greatest sushi restaurant and the legendary sushi chef behind it. It tells the story of Jiro and how he invested so much of himself and his incredibly high standards into his food, a craft that’s taken him a lifetime to master.

Each episode follows a similar vein, focusing on one restaurant and the driving force behind it, the chef who is usually the owner too.

We learn about the lives and passions of each chef and come to understand their choices for their restaurants. Farm-to-table spots nest alongside chefs cooking on open fires and restaurants in some of the planet’s most extreme regions, giving a glimpse at the wild array of styles and interests that can go into a world-class restaurant.

I’ve seen three episodes and I’m not ashamed to admit I’d eat every damn thing on those stunning plates. I’m hungry for more and I’ll watch the rest soon.

So unbuckle your belt and dig into this fine feast Netflix has served up. But be warned: you’ll still want more.

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