Netflix TV Pick of the Week: ‘The Walking Dead’

Netflix TV Pick of the Week for March 30 – April 6 

As you probably know, The Walking Dead wrapped up a very successful fifth season on AMC, Sunday, March 29, and it made the Netflix TV Pick of the Week very easy for the last week of March.

On top of the buzz from the Season 5 finale, The Walking Dead also released the first teaser for the The Walking Dead spinoff series, Fear The Walking Dead, which premieres on AMC some time this summer. There’s no better time to jump into The Walking Dead if you haven’t already.

The Walking Dead TV series is based on the graphic novels/comic books of the same name written by Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard, and Tony Moore. In a world decimated by the zombie apocalypse, groups of survivors try to find safety and a place to… survive.

In the Pilot, Rick Grimes, Sheriff’s Deputy, wakes up at a hospital near Atlanta after being injured on the job. The hospital is overrun by zombies and there are no survivors around. While he was “sleeping,” the world has completely gone to hell and is overrun by the “walking dead.” Rick desperately tries to get out of the hospital and find his family, if they are still alive.

So, that’s the launching point for the series, and it gets crazy very quickly!

Showrunner Frank Darabont does a get job developing characters and testing the waters to see what the show could become. However, after the first two seasons, Darabont was fired as showrunner, and the series suffered. The third season is good at first, but then The Walking Dead hits a rough patch that lasts from the second half of Season 3 and covers roughly 75 percent of Season 4. Toward the end of Season 4 and into Season 5, with Scott Gimple at the helm, the series gets back on track, although it still has its hiccups.

Overall, the first two seasons of The Walking Dead are my favorite. There is a story there and a goal for the characters to accomplish. Through the third and fourth season, I feel like the show is still good, but it definitely begins to overstep its bounds.

The thrill of the series has always been the imminent death and destruction along with the gross-out, super-graphic visual effects. If you’re into suspense, the highest stakes possible, and very graphic violence, The Walking Dead needs to be your next TV series.

If you can leave your reservations of what good TV should be at the door when entering The Walking Dead‘s world, it’s a very good show. If not, you might have a hard time watching the series. Honestly, I’m somewhere in the middle, but I got hooked in the first two seasons and haven’t been able to give it up.

The first four seasons of The Walking Dead are on Netflix now! Season 5 will likely be added some time in September before the premiere of Season 6 on AMC.

The Walking Dead is ranked 26th out of the 50 Best TV Shows on Netflix Right Now!

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